The Travel Agency With A Difference

Have you been searching for a travel agency with quality service that can match your travel needs?

Flychoice Travels is a trusted and reliable travel agency with over two decades of experience and over the years, we have developed the capacity to deliver high quality service to our numerous clients in Nigeria.

You can book your next travel or trip and hotel relaxation with us using our fast and dependable booking system.

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Services We Offer

We don't just offer regular travel and related services, we strive to provide the best experience to our clients, check below for a list of our services:

Why Do Business With Us ?

Still Not Convinced That We Are the Right Travel Agency Company To Handle your Visa, Admission or Booking ? Checkout These Seven Reasons

Over Two Decades Of Experience

Flychoice Travels has over two decades of solid experience in the travel industry

Best Customer Service

We pride ourselves as a customer centered travel agency providing unbeatable quality service

Necessary Industry Certifications

Our commitment to safety has made us to acquire the necessary and required industry certifications in order to maintain compliance

Affordable Packages

We are not just interested in quality service, our various packages are affordable enough to take you to your desired destination.

100% Nigerian

Our agency is located within and a 100% owned Nigerian company with years of track record of success.

Fully Backed By the Law

Flychoice Travels is fully registered and has the backing of the Nigerian law to offer travels and tours services

Fraud Free

Certified fraud free to do business in Nigeria by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Facts About Us

Still want to Learn More About Us?, Here are some important facts about us

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Save More Money For Your Next Trip With Discount On Our Trip Packages If You Pay Early For The Trip

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